Two Pieces of Thread


There is you and you. All else
is not-you—a blur, a shadow, a detail of a detail,
a watering can without a garden.    

    The man | sits upon a lonely loveseat.

Not today. The chalkboard eraser works overtime.
Trade me a kiss for a kiss. Even your silence coos.

No Vacancy. Inextinguishable bonfires light cold
evenings. The tour guide surrenders. Even ants
are relaxed.

There is you and you (for me)—orange in tint for
I am red and you, yellow. A sunrise turns to sunset.

The moon smiles. Wolves hide angry fangs. You
and me. You with me. You, a part….

Salt and pepper shakers. The water in fall making
a waterfall. A couplet, doublet, duet, duo, match,
pair, twosome,… sole, unit, one,… whole, entire,….