Stop now while you can because this generic, sub-par text isn’t even worth 1% of a turd from a rat banished from its own rat community, a community itself already banished from all other rat communities. 

This awful text isn’t worth a crumbled $1 Monopoly bill from a junkie’s pocket or the saliva from a maggot living inside an abandoned dumpster from the Fukushima power plant.

But if you insist, then here, take this long, useless line written in the form of words containing letters derriving from a Latin-script alphabet created for dopamine-frenzied humans salivating every time they read about someone doing something somewhere somehow for some reason.

Then something else will happen. Yipee! Then something more and more and so forth on and on and what have you, yada yada, et cetera, ad infinitum.

But do stand by for more after a word from our sponsor.

This space is intentionally left blank.