Sleeping Princess

The king held a celebration for the birth of the princess. The fairies were invited to feast upon the queen because she was of no further use.

One fairy arrived late because she drank too much the night before. Seeing the bare bones, the hungry fairy cried out a curse, “The princess shall fall into a hundred-year sleep at her second year of menstruation, unless a prince manages to kiss her.”

          Years later, the princess blossomed into a natural wonder. Her eyes were as pearls from heaven and her skin flaked glitter. One day, when she had just reached her second year of menstruation, she fell asleep and did not awaken.

          The king always sent out messengers to summon princes, but when any would come, they would get eaten alive by the fairies. So the princess slept for many, many years.

          Then one day a prince was wandering by the area. An old man told him there was a very beautiful sleeping princess guarded by ravenous fairies. 

          “I fear them not,” said the prince. “I shall be my own princess.”

          He returned to his kingdom and let the good king, queen, and non-ravenous fairies know that he had seen his true self in a pond, a sparkling princess. This story was not the truth, but it sounded more interesting than the encounter with the old man.

Soon after, the good king and queen held a celebration that culminated in a tiara for the former prince’s head. The new princess lived and slept peacefully till one day when picking flowers in the wrong territory, the ravenous fairies ate her.