Penumbrella Terms

Somebody sat on a fence maybe. This human’s dandruff was a single flake away from being a heap. A droplet hit the non-heap from the grey area where The Other resided.

The Other mounted either a storm cloud or a large chameleon.

Loose canons fell from the lizard’s mouth onto a slippery slope. Whether the slope was wishy or washy was unclear.

The next scene, however, was absolutely clear, except for even questionable?

The Other swooped down with his pet and kidnapped Jacque Derrida. The Other then pulled out a scroll and read, “Guess correctly whether my lizard will eat Derrida, and if you are correct, Derrida will go uneaten.”

But before anybody concerned could answer, radioactive fireworks blossomed if and only if it could have been. By chance, the thesis merged with the antithesis, birthing a synthesis.

Then something else happened.

After something else happened, The Other was skeptical of autonomy in general, pleading the fifth on his soundness or lack thereof.

Then while successfully dividing by zero, The Other flooded mostly everything with penumbras.