The townspeople of Hinkerdale were enraged at newcomer Amelia Dodgers for ignoring the bread ban given by the Monthly Consumable Prohibition Lottery (MCPL). Then when she demanded purity by having the baker eat a small corner of the bread, the townspeople were even more enraged.

“Kill her!” was the motto going around.

Everyone put their heads together for a solution on how to kill her but were unable to detach their heads. This led to difficult everyday activities and more resentment. She did this, they felt.

But Amelia still bought more bread that day.

An outrage! The people took it upon themselves to take it upon themselves, but nobody could agree on what it was to take upon themselves.

“Bread,” said Amelia’s second persona. “Take bread upon yourselves.”

“Bread?” asked Amelia’s third persona.

“Yes bread. Bread is the way,” replied Amelia’s second persona. “But the bread you were convinced was pure was far from it. This bread belongs to a fictional world. Neither the bread nor the townspeople exist.”