Dear Thievery Corporation!

Dec 18, 2021

Digital & Conceptual Art


On August of 2021, two other dance educators and I were guiding a 2-week performance intensive at Gomarduli Zen Garden in the country of Georgia with agreed upon financial terms with the facility director. However, as the intensive approached an ending, the director attempted to change the financial terms in order to take some of our hard-earned back, despite us holding true to a 50/50 split.

After lots of heated back and forth and the three of us holding firm to the original agreement, the director on Telegram sent this message which I screenshotted immediately.

We are still banned from this facility.

Piece Notes

The piece was first inspired by the Telegram message. I initially found the message to have a cruel demeanor, but I could at the same time not deny its immense aesthetic value. The message was likely written with immediacy, written on the spot with the surge of unfiltered thoughts and emotions. The message alone stands as a work of art. So one could say that the entire piece is at the same time an honoring one, an adornment or framing of the original art piece which is the message itself.

The Telegram message reads:

Dear Thievery Corporation!

Enjoy the stolen money. I wish you the beautiful ending of the “workshop” and happy disengaging from Zen Garden. Cheers.