Dec 16, 2021

text, digital, and non-digital conceptual art piece


On September 17, 2021, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a Civil Right – Freedom of information Act lawsuit against Food and Drug Administration known as the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency v. Food and Drug Administration. The lawsuit was won and FDA began releasing documents on the safety of the Pfizer vaccine.

One of these reports was a 38-page Pfizer document on a 3 month study of Pfizer vaccine that occurred from the beginning of the post-emergency authorization which was December 01, 2021 thru Feb 28, 2021. During this period, Pfizer received more than 42,000 reports, the majority coming from the United States.

In the report, out of 29,914 cases, there were 1,223 deaths (p. 7), yet at the conclusion of the document it reads the following: “Review of the available data for this cumulative PM experience, confirms a favorable benefit: risk balance for BNT162b2.” (p. 29).

This makes the “favorable” risk balance of 2.9% deaths. In other words, within this first 3 months of the release of the Pfizer vaccine, roughly 1 in 33 people died, and we do not know any further data because the study ended on Feb 28th.

This art piece showcases the complete 38-page document writing the words “LAB.” There is also a rat below composed of the same documents.

Exhibition Details

This conceptual art piece can be shown digitally or non-digitally. In the case of showing non-digitally such as museum exhibition or street art, the preparer/curator is to print out the 38 pages of the document along with the large rat. Exhibition details are flexible such as framings, stencilling, or any other presentation method so long as the documents can be read clearly. The resources to make that happen are below.

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